Antique Musical Items for Sale in Camp Lejeune, NC

Barn Fresh Jackson Guldin vintage violin - Ready for restore - no major structural damage- only cosmetic scratches, dents and a few cracks that don't show light through - there is no seam separation or damage- nor has the scroll ever been damaged. Jackson Guldin handcrafted American violins in competition with German imported violins from 1915 until 1960 when the company began focusing more on ...
This Apollo 11-17, Man On the Moon, medal set of 7 in Acrylic case and Vinyl cover is a great collection of the Apollo 11-17. The vinyl case does have wear that I tried to show. This Apollo 11-17 comes as shown in the pictures. Shipping will be Priority Mail in the U.S. only. If you have any questions please email me, Thank You
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